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Take Charge Of Your Future!

Greatness in Sales sits at the intersection of methodology, mindset & trust

– Marti Evans

Why Sales Performance Coaching?

As a salesperson managing a territory and leading pursuits, sales performance coaching is a critical element to success. Winning complex B2B sales pursuits requires you to bring your ‘A-Game’ every day, maintain a winning mindset, and be honest about existing blind spots.

The moving pieces are many……client relationships, technical knowledge, sales methodology, pipeline velocity, influence maps, decision process, deal structures, deal profitability, proposal management, presentation skills, your boss, your team, your partners, and don’t forget the competition!

Successfully managing all of this separates the truly elite in sales from the rest of the pack. In our highly competitive fast-paced landscapes, it takes a great leader, strategist, listener, and communicator to be successful….especially in this ever-increasing virtual world.

How you sell matters. What your process is matters.
But how your customers feel when they engage with you matters more.

Tiffani BovaGlobal Growth Evangelist, Salesforce


It’s very rare to find a coach that has a background in complex sales with complex companies that have complex people in them. Most sales performance coaches understand sales from a theory perspective….. but having a coach that has lived this life in the trenches is priceless. What was great about our coaching relationship is that it went beyond technique to the psychology of sales.

Nishan A.

The matter of fact and direct approach to professional coaching was made very apparent to me in our first season yielding tools that manifested into direct results. Engaging Marti has been one of the best investments in my professional career.

Jihad T.

In preparing for a process improvement presentation my coach not only guided my presentation, but guided my mindset and even enriched my presentation with many resources and thought-provoking questions. Preparing for this presentation with my coach at my side, made the process a delight as opposed to the usual fear-based prep.


I walked away from our sessions stronger and clearer about my purpose than ever before in my career. My coach’s belief in me was unrelenting and my resolve strengthened with each conversation together. I am now able to move forward in ways I would have never thought possible. I feel fearless and am only curious and excited about what lies ahead.

Susana S.

My wife and kids even commented a couple of times about how confident I appear when coming home from work. Selling, presenting and influence come more naturally to me. My process is now much more human, insightful and engaged.