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Marti Evans

Breaking the glass ceiling in her late twenties with Fortune 50 technology companies, Marti is an innovative executive grounded as a Chemist, Geologist and IT Leader focused on Operational Excellence and the digitization of operational processes. Her work has taken her from the C-Suite to operational sites in Canada, Chile and Mongolia.

She knows what it’s like to be the only woman at the table and how to progress a career.  As an effective collaborator with deep business acumen, Marti has intense respect for the young bright minds of today and has a sincere passion to see them be successful—as they are the future hope of our society and our planet.

On a personal level, Marti is always looking for new challenges.  When she was younger, she was a technical mountain climber and a glider plane pilot.  Today, she enjoys difficult hikes and scrambles in the Rocky Mountains and plays tennis as her competitive outlet.  She travels internationally with her husband on ‘soft’ adventures and is very proud of her daughter, who is herself a very successful young professional.