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Testimonial - Sales Performance

I am blown away by Marti’s insight into the selling process

By February 6, 2019 No Comments

I am blown away by Marti’s insight into the selling process. Working with Marti helped me not only with selling services but with influencing change among people who I believed were absolutely incapable of changing their business mindset. More importantly she helped me realize my own potential and to buy into my own innate abilities. Marti’s vast knowledge in many different business platforms came in handy when trying to find other resources, books, websites, articles etc. to deepen my understanding of my current projects, challenges and opportunities.

In preparing for a process improvement presentation she not only guided my pitch, she guided my mindset and even enriched my presentation with many resources and thought-provoking questions. Preparing for this presentation with Marti at my side, made the process a delight as opposed to the usual fear-based prep.

With the sense of assurance that Marti gave me, I also felt more confident in my home life. My wife and kids even commented a couple of times about how confident I appear when coming home from work. Selling, presenting and influence come more naturally to me. My process is now much more human, insightful and engaged. Thank you, Marti!

Yermi Mehl