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February 2019

Marti is a consumate sales professional

By | Testimonial - Sales Performance

Marti and I worked together at Microsoft. She was a Solution Specialist for Microsoft Dynamics in the western Canadian region. Marti is a consummate sales professional with a deep understanding of both the technical side of the oil and gas industry and the application / software space.

She is able to bridge how technology can help solve business problems and is a true solution sales person who thoroughly understands the enterprise space. Both personally and professionally, Marti is a person with integrity and a strong work ethic. She is goal oriented, focused and will deliver. She is also funny and able to pull a team together. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Marti again and would gladly refer her with an exceptional reference.

Tracey Bodnarchuk

I am blown away by Marti’s insight into the selling process

By | Testimonial - Sales Performance

I am blown away by Marti’s insight into the selling process. Working with Marti helped me not only with selling services but with influencing change among people who I believed were absolutely incapable of changing their business mindset. More importantly she helped me realize my own potential and to buy into my own innate abilities. Marti’s vast knowledge in many different business platforms came in handy when trying to find other resources, books, websites, articles etc. to deepen my understanding of my current projects, challenges and opportunities.

In preparing for a process improvement presentation she not only guided my pitch, she guided my mindset and even enriched my presentation with many resources and thought-provoking questions. Preparing for this presentation with Marti at my side, made the process a delight as opposed to the usual fear-based prep.

With the sense of assurance that Marti gave me, I also felt more confident in my home life. My wife and kids even commented a couple of times about how confident I appear when coming home from work. Selling, presenting and influence come more naturally to me. My process is now much more human, insightful and engaged. Thank you, Marti!

Yermi Mehl

The path to success is only defined by yourself

By | Testimonial - Career Performance

The path to success is only defined by yourself; Marti is the embodiment of this philosophy and adage. Her matter of fact and direct approach to professional coaching was made very apparent to me in our first season yielding tools that manifested into direct results. Engaging Marti has been one of the best investments in my professional career.

Jihad Traya

Look forward to working with Marti in 2019

By | Testimonial - Career Performance

I have been working with Marti for over a year. Marti is a great motivator, as she always listens and ensures my needs are addressed. She has been so flexible with my schedule. She always knows when to push me to achieve my goals. I would like to thank you for providing me guidance, knowledge, and wisdom. You have inspired me to pursue my goals with hard work and dedication. She has been an excellent mentor and great inspiration for me. I look forward to working with her in 2019.

Sat Dhillon

Having a coach that has lived in the trenches is priceless

By | Testimonial - Sales Performance

It’s very rare to find a coach that has a background in complex sales with complex companies that have complex people in them (sounds complex right?! 😊. Most sales performance coaches understand sales from a theory perspective….. but having a coach that has lived this life in the trenches is priceless. What was great about our coaching relationship is that it went beyond technique to the psychology of sales.

By understanding my blind spots and the fears that were holding me back from playing full out, I was able to take the next step in my career.

I can go on and on about Marti, so just call me if you want to learn more at 416-878-5173.

Nishan Arumugam

Career Shift Success

By | Testimonial - Career Performance

Marti coached me through an interesting career shift. I walked away from our sessions stronger and more clearer about my purpose than ever before in my career. Her belief in me was unrelenting and my resolve strengthened with each conversation together.

Marti’s pacing intellectually and emotionally melded with my own and our conversations always produced a result I could use. Through her visioning techniques, she was able to reconnect and ground me with my core purpose. I am now able to move forward in ways I’d never thought possible. I feel fearless and am only curious and excited about what lies ahead.

Thanks to Marti, I see the curves in the road for what they are and am strapped in confidently for whatever my ride.

Susana Slavnik